Hammurabi in ChoiceScript (Work In Progress)

I have a rough version of Hammurabi written in ChoiceScript.

I should warn that while I have attempted to give the same sort of mechanics as in the original, I deviated from the original rather spartan and draconian interface. It *IS* 2010, after all.

Of course, I’m using a strange, oddly BASIC feeling scripting language, so maybe it isn’t quite as 2010 as it seems to be.

I do not have the endings properly finished. You will get an underwhelming “You lost” or “You won”.

But it is playable after a fashion. Just remember to allocate food and allocate acres BEFORE you hit “Next Turn”.

If you are interested in the ChoiceScript source: http://playdeez.com/choicescript/hammurabi/scenes/main.txt

Oddly enough, I modified the script engine to accommodate gosub, return, and stack variables, only to not actually use them in the game.

I think Hunt the Wumpus wouldn’t be a bad follow up to this, as well as some of the other things on Atari Archive.  We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Hammurabi in ChoiceScript (Work In Progress)

  1. Plays fine. Having both a “Next” and a “Next Turn” was confusing.

    Throw a danged google ad in it, replace the numbers with icons of people and acres and bushels, and ship it.

  2. Yeah, there are a number of awkward flow issues.

    I’d have to negotiate with Dan on a commercial license. The ChoiceScript license forbids what you suggest with the non-commercial license.

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