When did I become Ron Penton?

Step one, go to Best Buy and purchase a copy of Snow Leopard.

Step two, go home and start the install of Snow Leopard on Mac mini.

Step three, watch half an hour of television.

Step four, realize that the “less than one minute” label has been showing for a good ten minutes.

Step five, do a system update. Twice.

Step six, try to learn something about NSOpenGLView while waiting for the system update to finish downloading.

Step seven, start downloading the iPhone SDK.

Step eight, turn the Mac back on after suffering a power outage due to a storm.

Step nine, start the iPhone SDK download again.

Step ten, go to bed, because you are out of time.


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2 Responses to “When did I become Ron Penton?”

  1. John Hattan Says:

    All hail L Ron Penton, high epopt of the Church of Pientology.

    (or whinetology, depending on his mood).

  2. playdeezgames Says:

    I’m considering offering him airfare to Baghdad, so that he can tell the military to stop what it is doing. I figure I only need to buy him a one way ticket.

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