Sporadic Chess

Had another idea. Ideas happen. Often they go nowhere, but they are interesting to explore regardless of where they wind up.

This is not a new idea.

I thought about how well a game like chess could work if one move took place per day, and the various players could vote on the correct move to make.

The first problem with a game like this is that it needs to be in an environment where multiple people will actually play, like facebook.

The second problem is to keep players only voting on one side’s turn.  If we allow any player to play on any sides turn, then some players will deliberately vote for bad moves for the side they want to lose. No good. This can be mitigated by having players choose sides, or randomly assign sides, or whatever.

Another problem is keeping people’s interest together long enough to complete a game of chess. Maybe a shorter playing game would be better.

This indicates to me that the logistics of the multiple side problem would have to be dealt with.

But the idea is not without merit, just the choice of game differs.

Perhaps this can be morphed into a story-telling game, where a protagonist has to make a number of interesting choices in the course of a story arc.  Something where during each node the player gets a choice of 3-5 possible paths, like a choose your own adventure book.

Dunno, just thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Sporadic Chess

  1. I remember Ayn Rand once wrote an open letter (reprinted in one of her books) to one of those Russian chess geniuses, talking about what a disaster it would be to have people vote on a best move rather than having a single best-in-class making the best possible move.

    I always thought chess-by-vote would’ve been an interesting thought experiment.

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