Asynchronous activities

So, a while back I purchased a folding trailer from Harbor Freight.

I managed to get it most of the way together the following weekend.

I failed to get the electrical system hooked up at that time, but it was structurally complete-ish.

Last weekend, I sought to finish the work I had not initially, and put in the electrical system.

Once I got it together…

It didn’t work. No running lights, no break lights, no turn signal.

So I had to investigate, but had to do so in small time increments, as opportunities presented themselves.

First, I investigated the electrical hookup on the car.  I do not personally have a voltmeter, but we have them at work, and borrowed one to check out the car.

The car was fine.

Which leaves my potentially awful wiring job, which I had been feeling sort of weird about since putting the thing together. I have wired a number of simple items like the trailer successfully in the past.

I even used the cars electrical system on the lights(after removing them from the trailer) by touching wires. The lights were fine.

Turns out that the problem was in deciding to follow instructions.  The instructions make use of the trailer body as the common return for voltage.

So the next step is to buy some wire, and hookup my own common return, in the hopes that that will be more successful.

In the computer migration, I now have the downstairs computer disconnected and moved upstairs, but not hooked up to the TV.  The mac is still hooked up.  I’m hoping to make the swap soon, but it is a more than 5 minute task.

I was at my sister in law’s yesterday, and in using their computer to check Facebook, I noted how slow it was. I checked the memory and found them to be running XP SP3 on 256M.

I took down the type of memory (DDR 400 CL3) and looked up prices, which seem to be pretty cheap.

Of course, now I need to go back and check the MOBO to see how much memory it’ll take.

Life, for me, has begun to resemble the sporadic play games I like. I do little five minute things each day to gradually drift towards the goal.

In life, however, I don’t much care for it.


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