Now is the time for the clicking of the rhombus that is yellow

I once said to a man I know that I could make a game where all that the person did was click a yellow rhombus, and the game would be fun.

The game I made was Click, the Yellow Rhombus.  While there have been players (and I can see that the top scores list is broken!), the game is not at fun as it could be.

Keeping in mind that at the time, I was in a “artistic” phase of making games where I would boil down the game to their bare essences, which is why you see that most of the JetLag versions have no lucky charms.

Now that I’m returning to these games as a result of the revamp of playdeez.com, Click the Yellow Rhombus is first on the list, which means it is time to take a look at the game, and see what is right about it and what it wrong with it.


  • Simplicity: the game has exactly one activity, and the name of the game are the instructions.
  • Quick playing: the game can be played in a very short period of time. Exactly 60 seconds in fact.


  • Fixed duration: there is no way to extend play.
  • Cannot tell how much time is left without taking eyes off of the board.  You have to rely on the ticking effect at the end of the game to know that time is almost up.
  • Players pretty soon max out their abilities. There isn’t a learning curve to speak of, and the skill is simply finding and moving to a yellow rhombus to click on.

So, I have come up with a few ideas on how to “improve” the game and make it more interesting:

  • Use a rounded rectangular path around the board to put a thick line that keeps track of the time left.  This way the player can use peripheral vision to determine how much time is left.
  • Lucky charms: there needs to be other items to click on. Some will impact time, others hits, others misses, and still other score.  I could even make bigger or smaller rhombi. I’m still working out the lucky charm list.

Now I just need time to work on it.  I keep trying to when I get a few moments, but the first thing I am attempting to do is make the timer/racetrack.  I think I may switch to a rectangle for a while, just to simplify the art I need.


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