Automatic Update Madness

In my house, I have four operating desktop type computers. I have this one, which is in the “green room” (a spare bedroom painted green. clever, no?) I have my Dell Inspiron B120 which I use while sitting in front of the TV. I have my Mac Mini currently hooked up to the television as a kind of netflix client. I have my Vista box downstairs mainly being neglected and hooked up to the projector.  Soon this configuration my change, but that is not the point of today’s post.

I don’t use all of these computers everyday. I am likely to use this one, the laptop, and the mac on a given day, but I definitely won’t use many applications on each one.  The one downstairs can go weeks without use.

Anyway, each time I launch one of the lesser used machines, there is invariably some sort of software update that has to be done. RIGHT NOW!

While software updates might seem like a good idea, they aren’t for me. Often, I have a limited amount of time to spend on the computer, like an hour or something. Almost always, I have to download, install, and restart the computer, which can easily take 10 minutes. That’s 16% of my hour.

Dunno the answer. Just not a big fan of this otherwise fantastic feature of various pieces of software.


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