Emily Z’s Pet World

So, the game designed by my six year old niece has a name: “Emily Z’s Pet World”.

In all actuality, it isn’t that bad of an idea for a game. The primary drawback is that my artist is 6, and so the art assets will be a little rough.  I did buy her some Ed Emberley books. We’ll see if it helps any.

I find this exercise interesting in how a young girl looks at a video game. It is obviously not a very unique game idea. The important aspects is what she focuses on: accessorizing and cuteness.

The game starts out with avatar creation. The player can customize the normal things that they can customize. Emily only mentions four: gender, skin color, eye color, and clothing.

You then start out with a particular amount of money, and go and buy a pet. Common pets, such as kittens and puppies, are less costly than more exotic pets.  You can then buy accessories for your pet, like clothing and such.

When I asked her how the player makes money, she told me that it was by playing games. So I asked her what kinds of games. She came up with a few, mostly dealing with being a ballerina, baking cookies, and so on. She also made some concessions for boy players, so there will be a boxing game and the like.

Apparently there is also a map, with a number of stores for clothing, pet accessories, and a number of parks.

Also, and I’m not entirely clear on this, there is some sort of beauty pageant for the pets, where they can win money.


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