Storyboard for a new Game

Today, my six year old niece discovered that I make games when I was playing ChemHex on the Wii.

And she, as expected, asked “the” question of “how do you make a game?”

I told her that you mostly type, but also draw and storyboard and make game design documents.

She decided that she wanted to make a game, so I started asking her questions about how it was played.

And she started a design document/storyboard.

Here it is… page one of an unnamed game about loving and caring for pets, by Emily Zanotti, Game Designer, Age 6.

As you can see, we are more on the “create a character” screen than anything else, but the  main theme of the game is becoming apparent. It is about cute pets.  We are to “mack shior”(make sure) the pet is cute!

Emily is also going to be the art asset generator for the game.

(We’ll see what this comes to, but I’m now obligated.)


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