Ramping up for some Haxe development

The problem with all of the various development “platforms” that I use is that once I return to one with which I don’t have a decent history, I have to go back to some of the basics and review them.

I have a really good history with JavaScript/HTML and C#/WinForms since I use them a lot. When I am working with C# in Silverlight or XNA, there are aspects of Silverlight or XNA that I am often looking up.

In doing Haxe development, the vaguely ecmascriptish language I get used to rather quickly. I still think that the Haxe for look is a bit bizarre but I’m not here to judge.

My target language/platform is Haxe/Flash. There are a number of foundational tasks that I need to be able to do, some of which I vaguely remember, and some that I completely have never done in the Haxe/Flash combination.

I have an environment (currently lying fallow) that will enable building with Haxe and SwfMill.  I have to review the syntax of SwfMill xml files.  I do not need SwfMill for much, only embedding sounds and images. I do not go above and beyond this. I like things simple.

In Haxe/Flash I mostly remember how to load in the images and the sounds. I’ll have to do a quick sandbox prototype to recall the exact syntax, but after that I’ll be good to go.

I’m starting to think, though, that for my own benefit as well as for others, it behooves me to document and publish these various sandbox prototype endeavors, so that I can be reminded later on how to do this, and perhaps others will benefit as well.

I also happened to find a couple of these types of sandbox prototypes at http://haxe.org/file/Professional-haXe-and-Neko-code.zip (direct download link).  Chapter 12 has the Flash stuff, and makes rather trivial examples of each item.

As I go along, I’m going to share the various sandbox prototypes.


One thought on “Ramping up for some Haxe development

  1. Just finished going to a seminar by the Haxe guy at FGS. He was also the guy who wrote MTASC, which was the free AS2 compiler. He was looking to make a free AS3 compiler, but he thought he could improve on the syntax a bit, specifically stuff that could be better optimized.

    One caveat that I couldn’t get addressed on the microphone. It looks like Haxe inlines, unlike C++ inlines aren’t “suggestions”. Most C++’s will look at an inline and figure out if it’ll actually improve performance before actually inlining the function, so it wasn’t a real problem if you just went nuts with it.

    His quote, “be careful with this because you might make your game into one big function”.

    And yeah, Swfmill is a good idea. One thing I never quite figured out with all these third-party SWF-builders is that they’ll import graphics in SWF format, thus leading to a bit of a chicken-egg problem.

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