I decided against putting iframes into my html pages to shove everything over to PHP.  I’m instead doing HTML redirection, which I’m not a big fan of, but I do what I must.  Thus far, I have made a new default page, and default.html redirects to it.

I’ve also put some image links to the various games on the site onto the default page.  This brings me to a decision point: I have multiple versions of JetLag. Am I going to put an image on the main page for each? The difference between Javascript JetLag, JetLag: Crystal, and Silverlight JetLag are relatively minor.  Also, when it comes time to start putting in the server side, the old stuff I’ve got for JS JetLag is going to be 86’d.

Slowly but surely, I need to severely revamp PlayDeez.com. Unfortunately, with all of the other time constraints, it’ll be a long road.


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