Nix on Facebook Connect

For now, I think I’m not going with Facebook connect for any of my games, at least until I get more of an idea of how it is done properly. Also, the way my website is built is sort of strange and apparently facebook connect objects don’t like being loaded on the fly, at least not in firefox. (My web page is built using various elements and setting the innerHTML value).

Another issue is that I would like to change over to php.  The problem is that my website is currently in regular HTML.  My plan for changing this is to put up the php versions, and then have the HTML versions have an iframe that talks to the php version. The php version links will need to have the “top” target so that the actual page gets changed.  But it is definitely time to get away from my weird dynamic JS website scheme.

In any case, it looks like that needs to be done first.


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