HamChess, Part II

John commented on my HamChess post, and I was responding with another comment, and I realized that I was getting too big for just a comment, so decided on a new post.

The topic is “How balanced is the matchup between goblinoids and undead in the HamQuest universe?” (Egad! HamQuest has a “universe”!)

There is a rough equivalence of skeletons to goblins, zombies to orks, fimir to mummies, gargoyles to ghouls, and summoner to necromancer, but they aren’t identical. there would need to be a balancing factor undoubtedly, as the stats don’t quite match up.

The various Attack/Defend/Health/Move stats are:
Goblin 2/1/1/10
Ork 3/2/1/8
Fimir 3/3/2/6
Gargoyle 4/5/3/6
Summoner 1/2/10/6

Skeleton 2/2/1/6
Zombie 2/3/1/5
Mummy 3/4/2/4
Ghoul 3/4/3/8
Necromancer 1/2/8/4

So, at the current values, the goblinoids are generally faster, but the undead have slight advantage with defense.

To seriously look at these numbers, one needs to know a little about the combat system of HamQuest.  Each point of attack scores a hit 50% of the time.  Each point of defense reduces this by hit point 33% of the time. Health is the number of hits that a creature can take, and movement is how many squares it can move.

Provided I left the statistics as is, here’s the state of things(keeping in mind that the fractional hits don’t really happen, and this is all probability magic):

A goblin produces an average attack of 1 hit, and a skeleton produces defense of 2/3 of a hit, so an average of three hits from a goblin to kill a skeleton. The other way around, skeleton averages 1 hit, and goblin averages 1/3 hit, and so skeleton beats goblin in 1.5 hits.  However, this is balanced a bit by the fact that goblin can move 2 more squares per turn than skeleton, and so can out run him.

Ork versus zombie, ork generates an average of 1.5 hits and defends at 2/3, and the zombie hits for 1 and defends for 1. So, the chances are that an ork would take out a zombie, and a zombie would take three turns to kill an ork. Plus, the ork is faster. It isn’t a good idea to be a zombie.

Fimir versus mummy: fimir hits for 1.5 and defends for 1. Mummy hits for 1.5 and defends for 1.33. Fimir still handily hits a mummy, but he has two points, and so lasts two rounds. Mymmy handily hits fimir, but he also takes 2 times to kill. Fimir is also faster than mummy.

Ghoul is weak compared to gargoyle. I need to fix ghoul(he’s a homebrew creature anyway, the rest of these come directly from Heroquest). This exercise has illustrated that he is too weak in his stats.

Similar idea for necromancer and summoner. Needs rebalancing.

I’m also thinking that the normal “turns” as in chess won’t work. Fortunately, there was a system based loosely on the heroquest system called Battle Masters. Their method of staging movement was to have cards corresponding to the various units in the game, and shuffling them and flipping them one at a time, and the monster whose card came up moved one square or attacked. I think that HamChess would need such a system. There would be one card for each point of speed in the monster’s statistic, and probably have some sort of proportion to the number of creatures on the board. Dunno, more thought will be necessary.


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