A Topical Post


I’m going to be topical for a moment.

A person was killed by an orca.

While I can certainly sympathize with the family’s loss, I do not see how this is major news on multiple networks. I have a number of moderately interesting bullet points, but likely if you are reading this, you feel it is just as silly as I do, and for the same reasons.

In other news, I finally got Black Dynamite from NetFlix. It did not disappoint. Black Dynamite was exactly the movie it needed to be, and I liked it a lot. Definitely not family-safe, though. I just have to say, when even the previews before the movie are restricted with the red background, you *KNOW* you are in for something special.

A movie like Black Dynamite is not for someone who is not steeped in the genre of blaxploitation or exploitation films in general. My wife was not, and does not understand why I like this movie.

And in a wonderful juxtaposition, I happened to look at the wikipedia entry for “Free Willy”, and came up with a potential whalesploitation film “Free Willy 4: Willy’s Revenge”, based on the first half of the post.


One thought on “A Topical Post

  1. I enjoyed BD muchly. It seemed to catch all those little bits of 70’s cheapness, right down to the car flying off the cliff and becoming an entirely different car when it hit bottom. It came off as something that could’ve been filmed in the 70’s.

    Speaking of which, I think the only zombie movie that hasn’t yet been remade is “Sugar Hill”. You know it’s gotta happen, and it’ll probably star Beyonce. Bleah.

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