Item Drop Solution

So I was talking about the item drops, and how I didn’t much like it because the splat of the dead creature hid the image of the item dropped.

Turns out the solution is just to make items render above the splat. Now in the midst of a goblin’s splatty goodness, you may see a ham or copper.

The new version is uploaded, illustrating once again the superiority of a silverlight version for playtesting. I build, I upload a single XAP file, and the player just plays it again, getting a new version(providing he isn’t caching).

Yesterday I learned how to get external variables into the silverlight object. It’s just a particular param tag. This will make facebook integration relatively easy. I’ll just throw the facebook userid into the app, and have any calls to the back end database(coming eventually) use that id as the primary key of the stuff stored.

I also have a ToDo list for HamQuest up.  I put it together yesterday, and crossed off two already.  Most of the items don’t seem all that ambitious this time, which is good. It means the game is nearing completion.


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