Item Drops Ahoy

Today I added a feature to SLHQ that I hadn’t even been sure I was going to include ever.

The feature is creature item drops. Its up on the site, and ready for testing.

At the moment, until I get to more fully exploring what I want to do with all of the creatures, the only creatures with drops are Goblins and Orcs.

The immediate thing I don’t like about the feature is that a creatures final “splat” is shown, the item is not. In the way that the game currently works, the player can immediately walk onto the space, which means he will pick up the item dropped without really being able to see what it is other than the messages panel.

I will have to carefully consider this, as I do want the player to see something before he picks it up. Always.

Even so, it is a cool feature that will add quite a bit of possibility to the game.


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