Silverlight HamQuest’s Permanent Home


Also, I have updated winforms HamQuest to

Still a long way to go, but it was at a good spot.


3 thoughts on “Silverlight HamQuest’s Permanent Home

  1. Works just fine here. Seems pretty challenging and balanced for a yet-another-dungeon-crawl game.

    Speaking of which, did you ever get a chance to check out that “Yoda Stories” game? There was also a similar Indiana Jones game under the “Desktop Adventures” moniker. Seemed like that was the next step beyond these, as you had an actual story and a sequence of challenges, even though it was still a randomly-generated game. It was basically one step deeper than the “kill everything in sight and grab everything in sight” games.

    When you kill a thief, do you get your gold back?

  2. Oh, and I hate that danged dragon. Gonna have to figure out a strategy to kill that thing. I presume it’s gonna involve gathering up every danged ham and potion I can find, then going in with broadsword blazing.

  3. When a thief takes gold from you, an instance of gold appears randomly somewhere in the dungeon. Similarly, if he takes a megaham piece, one appears at a random dead end in the dungeon.

    I have thus far killed three dragons. Each time I had to burn through 15 potions and all of the armor I was wearing (usually a couple of plates and chains and a few helmets). A two handed sword is also a necessity.

    I’ve been considering doing a few dastardly things regarding the dragon. One, I’ve considered having him respawn elsewhere in the dungeon. Two, I’ve considered making him tenacious (actually, this would have a select group of monsters, including the summoner, necromancer, minotaur – what I consider to be the “boss” monsters). Lastly, and this is the one I’m most seriously considering, is for the dragon to leave an item, in particular the rainbow key, which currently does not exist, but would be required to go through the exit. Yes, I’m dastardly that way. Dunno for sure yet.

    My strategy for dragon slaying is to go through all non-dead end rooms and collect all loot, then go through the dead ends and collect megahams. I also make heavy use of shoppes, and I am certain to have myself in defend mode so that if I have a two handed sword it isn’t used when I have a shield.

    And I think I need to make the teleport monsters less randomly moving. They aren’t much of a nuisance as they are.

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