So, I Defeated a Dragon

In the Silverlight version of HamQuest, I killed a dragon, and got all 20 delicious experience points.

My current strategy of play:

  • Go through all of the non-dead end rooms first and empty them out.
  • Stay in the doorway as much as possible and “fight from the door” when enemies are numerous, so that I don’t get surrounded (enemies cannot go into doorways, and so this way I only need fight one at a time)
  • Once most of the dungeon is cleaned out, go through the locked rooms one by one.

I recently doubled the ham and potions, and so I’m thinking about cutting back by 25%, because I won yesterday morning with something like 26 potions remaining (I ran from the dragon in this instance).

So, today after clearing out all of the non-locked rooms, I was going through the locked rooms. I found the dragon, and decided (with 32 potions, armor, and two handed sword) to give it a go.

All of my armor broke. I burned through 15 potions. I killed a dragon.

So, if the game was too hard prior to upping the ham and potions (and it was, I also upped weapons), it is now perhaps too easy. Balance in a  game like this is hard to achieve.

Fortunately, all of the difficulty is in configuration files, so I don’t even have to rebuild.

And that leads me to another new idea.   Multiple configurations, which could be difficulty levels or even scenarios.

But of course, that would be… new business. And new business is new business and old business is old business and new business will only be discussed…. next quarter.  And by next quarter I mean after the current old business concludes.

And the old business consists of:

  • Finish the Silverlight port(which will be the primary project now)
  • Get it onto the Silverlight game sites.

And for finishing silverlight, I have the following criteria:

  • Fix a few remaining bugs(like teleporting gives no message)
  • Put in sound
  • Implement shoppes
  • Rebalance game content
  • Title screen/Main Menu, About Screen, Help Screen(help is likely to be a link to a web page), Option Screen
  • Rudimentary statistics, like high score, number of games played, etc.

2 thoughts on “So, I Defeated a Dragon

  1. This thing is really fun. For the life of me, I don’t know why you didn’t write this in Flash so you could slap an ad on it and make some money.

    I’m just gonna have to knock the danged thing off myself. I haven’t done a full Corman in a while 🙂

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