Silverlight JetLag

So, Silverlight JetLag has now achieved feature parity with JetLag: Crystal.

Which completes milestone #1 of Silverlight development: be able to do it, upload it, and have it work.

Milestone #2 is to make use of the “isolated storage” in some way, probably just to keep a local high score.

Milestone #3 is to move into Ajaxy goodness, and plug it in to the same system that JavaScript JetLag does.

Milestone #4 is to put the game on the PlayDeez.com site proper, and integrate it into everything else.

So this leads up to the issue of why I have so many (currently 4, Silverlight makes it 5) versions of JetLag. There is, or has been, a Yahoo! Widget version, and XNA version, and an old PocketPC version that I don’t showcase on the site.

JetLag can be written from nothing in a few hours, which makes it a really great straw man for a software delivery platform. Since Silverlight is one of the targets eventually for HamQuest, this is my slide towards the platform.

In other news, I have been gathering statistics on the site in general for about a year now, and it comes time to retire some of the sections of the site… namely Yahoo! Widgets and Scratch. The games are found elsewhere(on the particular sites of both platforms), and are not terribly active pages, and will never, ever see an update. Generally, nobody will miss these… not even me.

I’ll probably wind up doing some sort of “Old Games” archive page, though.


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