Assembla Does It Almost Right

I like assembla. All of the stuff I’m currently working on is housed there in a public space.

The other day, I noticed in the Security page that I could set individual permissions for various types of user for different activities.

Mainly, I was interested in allowing public access to adding tickets. Yes, I know that stuff would wind up being spam, but there are certainly good things that can come from getting bug reports from people without requiring that they have an assembla account.

But the permission levels are view and edit. So, while I’m probably going to see what a non-logged in person can do, if they can indeed edit tickets, then this is no good, as griefers can come in and destroy my tickets.

There is also the possibility of using the messages tab for something like this, and I can generate tickets myself from there.

Anyway, assembla almost has a complete set of free tools that I like. Yes, I had considered sourceforge. I decided against it.


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