Robotech, The Time Tunnel, and Batman

I recently noted that I hooked up my mac mini to my TV.

I then started watching hulu on my TV.

Two of the things I’ve been watching are The Time Tunnel (done by the same guy who did Lost in Space, and it shows), and Robotech, which I watched as a child. I’m starting with the Macross stuff, and planning to go in order of the three wars.

I find that I like the Time Tunnel, even though it is absurd and campy.

I find rewatching Robotech at this age a bit difficult.

For a comparison, I watch Batman (the Adam West/Burt Ward series) on a classic TV station, and still like it, and I have attempted to watch Greatest American Hero, and didn’t like it the second time around.

I also have the V miniseries, as well as V: the Final Battle. I like both. I also have V: the TV series, which I also still like.

So, I’m trying to come up with what it is, exactly, that I like or don’t like about things.

I always liked Lost in Space as a kid, which is I think why I wind up liking the Time Tunnel so much. I also like Land of the Giants.  In a similar vein, I like both Wild Wild West and Batman from that era, and have liked both since childhood. I also have always liked the Planet of the Apes movies, which I lump into the same genre.

So, in my “I like” column, I have to put “Campy Sci-Fi Made in the 60s”.  But I also like the Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk series, which isn’t as campy.

I really wanted to still like the Greatest American Hero. I really did. I just couldn’t. If you actually find someone with whom you can chat about this show with, you will invariably get a glint of reckognition when you say “The show where they guy was always flying into stuff.”  In the end, that’s all the show amounted to.  I think of this series in much the same visual style of somewhere between Incredible Hulk and V.  I suppose a stronger actor than William Katt would have been better. There might also have been the “you can’t do camp on purpose” factor in this, because I think they were trying to be campy here, but failed because they were trying.

I was also really pumped to watch Robotech again. I knew for a long time that it had been edited together from a different series, but the storytelling is just so poor that, even though I like the story, the presentation within the cartoon is itself unpallatable to me. Sadness. The animation seems almost but not quite as bad as filmation style stuff, which I actually like (Heman and Flash Gordon).




2 thoughts on “Robotech, The Time Tunnel, and Batman

  1. I wasn’t much of a fan of anything past the first season of Robotech. At some point I looked into its japanese source, Macross, and I found that they had made a movie that summarized the whole thing: Macross: Do You Remember Love. It had amazing visuals, they tweaked the story and made Fokker’s “incident” much more epic. I highly recommend it if you’re not against reading subtitles.

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