WAMP Servers

From time to time, I have attempted to make myself a local environment that would allow me to do some PHP/MySQL coding without having the intermediate step of having to upload the stuff.  I go with the Apache/PHP/MySQL configuration, and I naturally attempt to download, install, and configure them myself. This takes hours, and sometimes doesn’t quite get done before I give up completely and just go back to uploading stuff in order to test it.

Today, I discovered WAMP Server. I should have been looking for them all along. They have figured out my problem for me, which means I don’t have to worry about it. I like not worrying about it.

Yay, WAMP!


One thought on “WAMP Servers

  1. Cool. Big thanks for the link. I still do all my testing on my production server, but that’s gonna have to change if my projects get any bigger. I had a link to QuickPHP (a tiny standalone webserver and PHP), but that looks abandoned.

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