Procedural Rhetoric of PlayMesh Games

So, I was using my iPod Touch today, and decided to take a peek at whatever new free games were available.

I find a Wizard themed game from PlayMesh.  I download it.  I go through the tutorial.  It is something like a Harry Potter-esque themed push button RPG, the like of which I’ve seen plenty of times before.

So I then download PlayMesh’s pirate game.

It is exactly the same game, with different graphics and different labels on the statistics and the character classes.  Except this time it is a Pirates of the Carribean theme.

And I downloaded the super hero theme.  Same game again.

And a mafia game.

And a robot war game.

I’ll be doing a more in-depth critical analysis of this game (I will refer to it as one game with many masks) another time.

Apparently the procedural rhetoric of PlayMesh is that your fantasies of being a wizard, a super hero, a pirate, a ninja, and a wild west outlaw can all be accomplished in precisely the same manner.


One thought on “Procedural Rhetoric of PlayMesh Games

  1. It might be some “sample app” code from a book that they’re just slapping their name on repeatedly. I know that’s a problem with Mochiad games. There are literally dozens of identical Tic Tac Toe games borrowed from a popular Flash tutorial.

    Apparently if you play tic tac toe with images of Super Mario vs Anime Breasts accompanied by your favorite unlicensed music, it’s insanely entertaining.

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