Procedural Rhetoric and Ergodic Interactions

So, I’m enrolled in online school, and taking my first couple of classes.

One of my first classes is basically a “How to go to college” class, which covers some diverse topics as time and stress management, academic writing, reading strategies, and most recently – critical thinking.

As part of the assignment for critical thinking, I am tasked with reading some academic articles (of my choosing) and writing about them.  Since I am in an IT program, it is recommended that the articles have something to do with IT.

So, I found: http://meaningfulplay.msu.edu/proceedings2008/mp2008_paper_66.pdf

I picked an article on games…. go figure.

For a while, when initially reading this article, I felt like I was talking to Ron Penton.

I had to read it several times, as well as look up terms like “ergodic” and “procedural rhetoric”.

So far, I’ve about half-digested what the four page paper is saying (I think!).  A lot of it looks like someone used a thesaurus bazooka on it.

In the end, I think I’m starting to get a bit of a bead on something that I didn’t really have before.

Previously, I had no appreciation for academia.  I am an applied sort of guy.

I am starting to see how it is a very different world view, which has value in its own way.

I recently had a similar realization about the world view of manager-types.

So, in any case, I’m starting to be less of a “world view bigot”. Managers and adacemic folks are people too, it seems.


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