Best HamQuest Feedback Ever

This is old, but I just discovered it yesterday, so it is new to me:


For those not wishing to click on the link, here’s the content:

HamQuest is a simple Rogue-like based on the rules of the HeroQuest board game.  It strips everything down to just the movement keys and an attack/defend toggle, but updates the graphics from the standard ASCII affair. If Rogue is a 12oz steak with all the trimmings this is a slice of low-fat bacon.

Fans of the genre may find this a bit too simplistic, but if you don’t want to invest a major portion of your life building up a half-elven level 31 wizard only to be struck down by the Balrog with one blow then this maybe more your style.  It’s still being updated with new features, so read your scrolls of teleport, get over to the forum and show some support.

I regard this as a positive review, even though portions of it don’t necessarily read that way.  The reason for doing so is because it reinforced the gameplay aesthetic I was going for: nicer graphics than ascii, but just barely; minimal controls; low complexity.

I especially like that HamQuest is a piece of “low fat bacon” compared to the “12oz steak” of Rogue.  At least it is some sort of pork, as befits a game called  HamQuest.

I’ll be including this review somewhere in the help file for HamQuest, and likely the support pages.

In other news, this evening, for the first time ever, HamQuest items were loaded from a config xml file, and not put together in code.  It is a momentous occasion, as this was one of the bigger items I needed to take care of in the refactor.  Naturally, the work is not done yet, as there are many things yet to be offloaded into the xml file from code, but at least I now get to deal with it on a configuration level rather than at a code level.


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