I had been going through a large code overhaul, but some negative reactions to some of the features I put into have caused me to change some things around a little.

Mainly, folks did not care too much about the thieve’s ability to steal megaham.  It was compounded by the fact that, if there is a creature in a room, the room indicator is red, whether or not there are any items in the room.  This was by design in the original version, where monsters didn’t respawn and once a room was empty of creatures, the player could take items unmolested.

I haven’t completely abandoned the thief taking megaham… I have simply made it less likely.  There is now a 10% chance that a thief will take your megaham.  Usually he will just steal gold.

I have also added new minimap indicators so that rooms with items and creatures can more easily be picked out.

This will be the first version where the gameplay iteself takes place inside a DLL consumed by the UI applications.  Basically there is zero impact that I can detect.


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