Why I Don’t Post Much On Forums and Such

I used to post rather prolifically on message boards/forums/etc.  I don’t any more.

I also don’t do much with Facebook, and nothing with Twitter.

I finally discovered why.

First, that sort of communication is no longer ingrained in my life the way it used to be.  This I knew already.  Years ago I had many more “online” friends than people I associated with in person.  My life changed.  I am no longer on a computer 18 hours a day at home.  At work it is frowned upon to carry on an online presense all day, and I have a wife, a home, a lawn, a garden, a dog, in-laws, online school, and everything else.  There are many things I like to do on computers: play games, make games, go to chat rooms, post on forums, and so on.  Since I am limitedin my time, I have to prioritize what I do.  Often I fail at prioritizing, and so I waste my “precious” time on the computer.  My favorite thing to do is make games, so I try to focus on that.

Second, I actually *DO* attempt posting on forums. In the last week, I gave up and closed out four postings on GameDev.net.  They were starting to get long, like into article sized posts, and I simply did not have time to put in what I wanted to say, so I decided to say nothing, and cancel the post.  I used to write article type things, and books and such, but they are time consuming, and I don’t want to (again) spend my limited time writing an article in response to a thread that few people will read and fewer will care about.

I like this blog format, though.  If I get stuck for time, I can always save a draft, which is not as possible on forums. Of course, remembering that I have a draft waiting to be completed is another thing entirely.

Also, about a week ago, I suddenly clammed up about HamQuest.  The reason is the cavalcade of other things in life.  I had a yardsale yesterday, and people were dropping stuff off and we were organizing stuff all week.  HamQuest got no love.  Also, we are going on vacation this week, and I’ve got online school to complete for the week prior to leaving, so no love for HamQuest.

And my time is up!


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