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A lot of developments between the last couple of versions.  For one thing, the game is a lot harder right now as a result of being unbalanced.

I have rudimentary shops now (called Shoppes, as any good tongue in cheek wannabe roguelike would have), and likely there are about a dozen or so bugs that I haven’t found in the game.

My “help screens” are out of date now, but as they are going to continue to get more and more out of date and I don’t want to be spending half of my time updating them, I’m going to wisely leave them for later in the process.  It still has enough information for the end user to play.

I have been playing a lot, and in playing I think one thing that is good is the starting condition of the player.  He is equipped with a dagger, a torch, and some ham. Also, all of the creatures that aren’t behind a locked door are on the weaker side now, so provided he doesn’t find himself surrounded, the player typically has a reasonable chance of succeeding through a few rooms.

However, the dagger will be done after killing several creatures, the ham will undoubtedly run out if the player doesn’t find some armor, more ham, or more potions, and that torch is practically going out already.

So this is good, as always, because having the player immediately in a crisis will get the player to engage with the game.

Also, I think the bosses and monster spawning is going to really help the end game (currently, the game is hard, and I haven’t played a full game to success in over a week).  I have now made the mistake of walking into a room with not even a torch or a single potion, only to have the dragon waltz over and kill me.

The move from traps that are always visible to ones that you have to detect by walking next to them is fantastic.  It completely changes the way a pleyer navigtes a room.

Anyway, I am quite excited with the new stuff.  I think I need to open it up on gamedev’s help wanted section to get some playtesters putting some time in on it.  Thats always a mixed bag, because there will be a lot of feature requests, but thats what happens when you roll the dice.


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