HQ1.0.0.3 Self-Check

HQ is updated and uploaded as of this weekend at version  I actually have even more content in the game, but I wanted to get the monster respawning stuff out quickly.


This version does also have durability based items, no longer random percentage breaking.  I also have adverse effects of armor on speed, so that’s something interesting to see how it affects balance.

I also yanked out the “how much light duration is left” statistic, and replaced it with the same sort of visible mechanism for determining how close an item is to breaking (yellow and pink highlights — stole it from diablo!).

I know already that I made the dagger too un-durable in this version.  10 hits and it breaks.

I have yet to play through a full game with the new fixes/adds.

One of the things I’ve noticed, though, is that the start of game phase (the dash away from danger and looking for weapons and potions) is still there, but the urgency for weapons is slightly less.

I’ve also found that throughout the course of the game, ham doesn’t stay in inventory very much.


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