Features “Completed”, Revealing Features Needed

Today I was able to polish off a few enhancements and fixes for HamQuest.

One, I have “finished” the trap spawning upon acquiring megaham feature.  Naturally, the spawning frequency of the various types of monsters will need tweaking, but the feature is in, and waiting for the right settings to be determined.

Two, I switched the weapon and armor breakage rules from random percentage with each hit to a durability system.  Now items are worn through use until they break.

Three, I fixed a glaring omission in the rules regarding armor. Previously, armor had absolutely no effect on movement.  Now it does.  Chain and plate armor have a speed roll multiplier (technically, so do shields and helmets, but they are both 1.0) which is multiplied into every speed roll.

However, these three new pieces lead to more ideas and decisions.

First, now that armor adversely effects the speed, shouldn’t there be another item that counteracts that effect?  I’m thinking magic boots.

Second, now that there is item durability, I’m thinking that I need some way of communicating that to the player visually, so I’m thinking of putting colored highlights behind the currently equipped items.  I’m also thinking about replacing the light duration timer for the currently in use light source to a similar thing.  Likely the colors will be yellow when durability is less than 50% and red when less than 25%.

Third, now that items are affecting the speed of the character, the fight mode becomes more complex.  Right now, the characters equipment is optimized for attack or defense, but not for speed.  Speed is ignored completely because before it was never modified.  Now the three need to be prioritized when certain combinations of items are carried.

As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised with how easily I was able to switch from a percentage breakage system to a durability system.  I was concerned that it was going to take a complete architectural overhaul.  It did not.

I think after I’ve wrapped up one more feature (wandering monsters) I’ll be ready to release revision of hamquest.


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