The Quest For Ham Continues…

I’ve roughly put in the first of the new features into HamQuest, namely respawning of monsters when a megaham piece is acquired.  After a few minor snags, it works.  For the moment, I only have it add goblins, but that’s simply because I haven’t made my generator table for the various monster types.  That’s next to be implemented.

I decided to only replace traps with monsters, and not chests also. I felt that getting rid of chests was unfair to the player.  Besides, when I’m playing I tend to open all of the chests in the room anyway, whereas I avoid the traps.

I also have found that I tend to open chests last, after collecting all of the known goodies. Mainly, this is because a chest might contain a teleport.  In any case, this is what I expect my players to do as well.

I haven’t really worked on the code base for HamQuest in months.  I remember that it had its quirks and issues. I also have been coding for long enough to know that I should not fix them and refactor them into my vision of what the code should look like.  I do not get graded on the perfection of my code.  I get graded on how fun the game is.  My code has warts, and while I don’t always like it, I learn to live with it.

I will, however, be doing something of a refactor for some of the code as a result of the new features.  One of the new features is to finally switch from the percentage of breakage model for items(which I quickly learned to hate) and substituting a durability system whereby the weapons and armor get slowly eroded and destroyed because of use.  Naturally, this will throw the game balance out of whack again, but so be it… adding the other features throws it out of whack anyway.

I’m also really looking forward to adding persistent tenacious monsters.  Currently my thought is to include the wizard, who will use magic to conjure monsters and teleport himself around the maze, and the thief, who does what thieves do, and take your stuff, only to hide it elsewhere.


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