Periodic Dump Of Stuff

I played around with 6809 assembly a bit, and the MESS CoCo2.  I think I’m done now.

I also played around with Scratch again. I considered making a maze generation game.  Then I actually got started, and liked the extremely limited language almost as much as I had been enjoying the limitations of Disk Extended Color Basic 1.1.

I played Sid Meier’s Colonization (the 1994 version). Yup, it is still the same.  Also, it periodically just dies on XP, and using DOS box was painful in a different way.

I tried Qt for a bit, on both my mac and pcs.  Apparently I have failed to figure something out, as I keep getting weird errors when I attempt to use the macro magic way of mapping functions to events.  I will be returning to Qt, as it shows great promise, and likely is illustrating a limitation of myself and not of the tool.

And I played some HamQuest.  In fact, here’s a screenshot:


As you can see, I’m most of the way through.

And I think I’ve come to a realization:

HamQuest isn’t done yet.

Quite some time ago, I got feedback that gold was stupid and pointless.  If something is stupid and pointless, it shouldn’t be in a game.

I felt (at the time) that gold served as score, and so was important.

All other items have a purpose.  Keys open doors, weapons fight monsters, armor protects the character, light sources allow you to see, food and potions keep you alive, megaham pieces allow you to eventually exit.

Gold is left without a purpose.

No more.

I’m adding stores.  At least four of them, in fact.  One for light sources, one for weapons, one for armor and one for healing items.  I’m also considering having an inn (recover all hp to max) and a “casino” where a player can gamble with his gold.  A store will not be enterable unless the room it is in has been cleared of monsters.  Also, once used, the store will teleport itself to another room, and the minimap won’t show where.  There also needs to be some sort of cost when entering a store.  I’m not certain yet what the nature of the cost will be.  I might go with adding extra creatures, or I might have an increasing admission fee, or I may add a number of traps, which feeds into the second idea:

Also, HamQuest needs monsters to regenerate in some manner.  My current idea is to replace a portion of the unsprung traps and chests in the dungeon with monsters whenever a megaham piece is found.  The first megaham piece will turn 1/16 of the traps and chests into monsters, and the second 1/15, and so on, until the last one turns the rest of the chests and traps into monsters.  This allows the player the ability to minimize this effect if he wishes by springing all of the traps.

Naturally, all of this will add to the difficulty of keeping hamquest balanced, but I am not alarmed.  I’ll just need another round of playtesting.


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