Me v. Interface Builder, take two (or probably five)

After a great deal of struggle with it, I believe I have finally made a breakthrough in understanding how to use Interface Builder to make a UI that I can actually use from XCode.

In fact, it is actually starting to make sense to me, which is a scary thought.  This is what happens when I force myself to use my Mac for a week.


2 thoughts on “Me v. Interface Builder, take two (or probably five)

    1. In retrospect, I think the main issue was that editing has to happen in two different tools, in multiple windows in one of the tools, and on multiple property page tabs in that same tool.

      The two tools being XCode and Interface Builder. XCode was the more straightforward of the two for me, as I am most comfortable in code. I simply have to spec out the various IBOutlets and IBActions that I want to use as callbacks or pass-thru properties.

      Interface Builder was initially a complete mystery for me. The tabs in the inspector were mysterious. The document window was mysterious. I understood editing a view just fine. Dragging and dropping controls onto a window was totally and completely intuitive. Most of the properties, like size, location, etc were also intuitive.

      The place where I severely failed to grok it was in connections, and that was because I didn’t understand the document window, and how it plays a prominent role in to linking my code to the view.

      I also didn’t understand the relationship of Views and View Controllers.

      But now I do.

      Yay me!

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