Today’s Liquid Schedule

Today, the following liquid schedule will be adhered to:

Before leaving for work: 16oz of coffee

At work in the morning: 16 oz tea, 32 oz water

At lunch: 12 oz diet coke

After lunch at work: 16 oz tea, 32 oz water

After going home: 12 oz diet coke, and as much water as I feel like drinking


I’m trying to control a lot of things, and caffeine intake is one of them.

I need to get back to exercise, but cannot due to tendonitis.  It is feeling a lot better, but I’m resting it the rest of the week, as I pushed it too hard last saturday.  My normal exercise is the treadmill, so that’s going to be out until Monday.

I struggle greatly with food intake and caffeine intake.

I like food.

A lot.

And when given half an opportunity, I eat way too much of it.

Yes, I know I’m not supposed to.

But today I had an encouraging scale experience.  For the first time since starting out, my weight (pre-eating, pre-drinking, and post-purging) was under 340#.

So, I’m going to do my best to control eating today, and drink lots of fluids.

In other news, there are now fresh fruits at my job.  They were dismal yesterday, so I wrote another haiku.  Apparently haiku can work as a protest.


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