Yep, I Murdered My Lettuce

I either drowned it, or I let it stay in the sun too long on Saturday.

Once, the slim tendrils of lettuce seedlings reached towards heaven.

Now, small sickly tendrils of lettuce lay on the dirt.

Perhaps I should make a haiku,

Speaking of haikus….

At my job there is a “health consciousness” effort which consists of fresh fruit delivered to the various break areas each day.

I happened to see the fruit last week.

It was in various early forms of decay.  Engineers do not want fruit, apparently.

However, this fruit had a sign near it, indicating how it was not free (they have an honor box in which you put your 75 cents)

They also sent out an email about a month ago indicating that less than half of the fruit taken had been paid for.

So, I wrote a haiku:

“I wanted to buy/a fruit that was not rotten./I could not find one.”

I taped it up near the rotting fruit.

It lasted about three hours before someone took it down.

The fruit disappeared as well.


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