Derailed in a hard, hard way.

So there I was, happily making progress on the flash version of HamQuest using NeoSwiff.

I got to the point where I was rendering a room on the screen, and so I wanted to make a simple “use the arrow keys to move from room to room” to check and see that everything was working correctly.

That’s when I found out that I could not automatically grab the keyboard focus for my game.  Seriously…

Not a problem, I figured… I can make a “click here to start the game” thing, which will have a side effect of grabbing input focus.

Having worked around that issue, I came up against a deal breaker:

For whatever reason, I cannot detect the arrow keys.

So, with a heavy heart, I have to step back and evaluate what I’m going to do with this new problem.

One thing that I won’t do is change the keys. If I can’t use the arrow keys, then the game won’t be in neoswiff.

Fortunately, with the port I was doing, I made the portion of the game I completed into way less of a “VC# 2005 using generics” solution, so whichever way it grows from here should be easier.

Just frustrating, though.

Lesson: make certain you can get the input you want before starting work.


One thought on “Derailed in a hard, hard way.

  1. And I guess the NeoSwiff people ain’t talking, as it’s been discontinued.

    Do it with Haxe, if only to give me your impressions on it. Then you can use AIR to make a standalone version, unless you need to target Silverlight.

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