Wii and Profiling PlayDeez.Com Traffic

Great news everyone!

One, my wife and I got a Wii. We just have Wii sports and Wii play at the moment, but as soon as a Wii fit becomes available, we’ll be getting that as well.

Other than that, it is probably unlikely to get a whole slew of games for it, other than downloading some classic games.

Two, I have put hit counters on the pages of PlayDeez.com.  They are invisible (I did a homebrew completely easy to spoof solution, but I don’t plan on keeping it around forever, so it doesn’t matter).

Why do this?

I knew that my website got a small smattering of hits each day, around 50 or so.  I wanted to know where those hits were going, since every page has a game on it, this will tell me which of my games are the most popular.

While I plan to let it go for a while longer, the answer is pipes/hexircuit, with Connect! being a close second.  Jetlag comes in third, and then click the yellow rhombus.

The reason that pipes is the big winner is mainly because I have it on widgetbox, and hence on facebook.

I do this so that I can know where my time is best spent.  Apparently the answer is pipes.

In other news, the HamQuest port is going nicely.  I’ve nearly got item populating, and creatures is next.  Believe it or not, the work from there to the end is rather simple.

I’ve also been giving a bit of thought to Medieval Micromanager, and some to Island Interloper.  I think MM is more likely to get some time spent on it first, but I’ve also got the Adventure Maker to finish up.


2 thoughts on “Wii and Profiling PlayDeez.Com Traffic

  1. Go with Google Analytics. It’s 102% free and just requires a little chunk of JS at the top of each page. It’s got great reports and it’ll show you some fun stuff like what google keywords people used to find you or what sites people used to get to you.

  2. Oh, and we got a Wii last week. The grandparents bought it for the critter’s seventh birthday. The browser is pretty cute, but it only supports Flash 7 so a lot of sites don’t work. Some stuff, like homestarrunner and thecodezone work fine, although my site on a low-def TV is hard to use.

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