HamQuest Again

I was browsing my external harddrive the other day, and to my surprise, I found the installer for GlobFX’s NeoSwiff Express, which was a free tool that could be used to compile C# code into a .swf file.  NeoSwiff eventually disappeared, but since I still have the installer, I can still use it.

Which means that a port of HamQuest to flash is just that much easier.

The downside of using NeoSwiff express is the total lack of intellisense and the rudimentary IDE.  Fortunately, I’m used to rudimentary as I use Notepad++ to write JavaScript apps.

Another downside is that the C# is about the level of .NET 1.1, which means no generics (which HamQuest used quite heavily).

Also, the graphics system is kind of strange.  In order to make an image show on the screen, I have to create an Image class that is contained within a Visual object.  Once I have set what the image is, it is forever locked as that image until I dispose it.  It can be moved around and otherwise manipulated visually.  In any case, there will be a lot of use of Dispose, as I have not found another way to get rid of it.

I am forced to admit… as much as I like JavaScript, writing anything in it is a pain, especially if the plan is to use it in the big five browsers and have it look and behave equivalently.  It looks like I need to return to Flash.


One thought on “HamQuest Again

  1. Two interesting post-NeoSwiff Flash gizmos are Adobe’s C++-to-Flash compiler and Haxe. Adobe’s gizmo isn’t out yet (far as I know), but Haxe is out and seems fairly impressive.

    OpenLaszlo is also out and can target JS, Flash, and (soon) Java as a backend, although it seems more like a tool to build websites than something to build games, ala Flex.

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