Text Adventure Maker, Take 27

27 is just a number I pulled out of my hat.  I really have no idea how many times I’ve made or attempted to make this project.  I even have a historical one on the website right now. The old one never made it very far, mainly because I was storing everything in a database, and the database was getting complicated, and all edit actions were happening on the server and that was getting very complex as well.

And it was named “Dungeon Delver”, because “Text Adventure Maker” sounded too lame, and still sounds too lame. The current incarnation is called “Adventure Maker“.

It is done entirely in JavaScript, a phrase which amuses me. None of the things I’ve written in JavaScript are “entirely” in JavaScript.  At the very least some HTML is involved, and almost always some CSS.

At the moment, a person can create directions, portals, items, and locks.  The complete set of entities includes traps, monsters, epilogues, rooms, roomportals, roommonsters, roomitems, a character, and an introduction.

The concept dates back to my time of programming in TRS-80 CoCo2 BASIC. I had made a similar text adventure maker after being inpired by the Adventure Construction Set for the Commodore 64.

This time, however, the “text based” interface won’t be as it was those years ago, when I had implemented a “VERB NOUN” parser. In JavaScript land, I can make buttons with words on them instead.

This project is getting me repracticed in JavaScript, which may lead to me doing some more WidgetBoxing. Dunno.

Anyway, its a fun toy to play with.


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