HamQuest Known Problems

So, HQ has been in playtest for a few days, and I have been testing it as well.  Thus far, I have found or reasoned out the following problems:

  1. opening a save file changes the current directory such that starting a new game will cause a crash.
  2. the game can be rendered unwinnable if a teleporter is placed in the way of a door (on either side) if the dead end contains a megaham or the exit.
  3. there is some weirdness involving creatures that are on the edges of the screen and when the player enters the screen on that square.  in play, moving around typically fixes this(the monster reappears), but saving the game at this point would cause a creature to disappear entirely when the game is reloaded.
  4. each turn, the player rolls his speed on 2d6.  each move he makes gives the creatures a proportional number of moves. if he rolls low, this means that the other monsters can get multiple moves to his single move, which means he can be hit numerous times in between his moves by the same creature. he can easily die, and ham only gets eaten at the beginning of a move, not in response to creature hits, so the player can die with ham uneaten.

None of these are terribly hard to fix, thankfully, but I do want to get this round of issues fixed up prior to putting HamQuest out on softpedia and other software submission sites. I’m even using the “publish” features of VC#2005Express to make a neat installer that checks for .NET 2.0 and installs it if it isn’t there (unlikely in the crowd I’m catering to, but it is good to have).

Since my last post, it has become abundantly clear that I’ll need to make my own homebrew game mechanics.

And there are a number of other features I’ll need to add to the current game before I can call it “complete”.  These include:

  • creature spawning – currently once a room is cleared out, that’s it, you never see another creature in it again. with random spawnings of creature (depending on the number of turns have taken place since the player last visited the room), this’ll increase difficulty a bit
  • marking the minimap – currently the only room on the minimap that is marked is the player location. i would like to include marks for creatures still present, treasure still present, and teleporters present.
  • timer – it’ll just record how long it takes, so people can brag about how quickly they get through the maze. or die.
  • sound effects – hopefully this can be done without being too obnoxious, and without adding a lot to the footprint. likely I will need to do a “sound pack” type of thing, and release the soundless version as well. also, this means a new option on the menu.

and there’s an even longer list of things i’d *LIKE* to put it, but I’m not going to.


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