HamQuest Loading 90% Done

Yes, I’ve reached the “90%” stage of doneness with the loader.  This means, of course, that I’ve gotten nearly all of the tags loading (I’m down to half a dozen, all concerned with the player state, which is much more complex than any other part of the game).

After those are done, I’m on to the SECOND 90%, which is determining why it doesn’t work.  I’ve done enough of things like this to know that there are about 10 different ways that I did this wrong that I’ll have to fix.  8 of them are really simple fixes, and 1 of them will have me scratching my head for days, and the last one will make it out into the field and be reported by a player, require a massive change to the software such that the old savegames will no longer work with the new software.

Viva la 90%!


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