HamQuest Progressing

HamQuest is getting slowly better.  I’ve begun working on the save/load mechanism and am mainly concerned with the “save” aspect at the moment.  I decided on an xml save format.  Yes, this makes the game incredibly easy to hack. No, I don’t really care. You’re playing the game, so go ahead and cheat if you want.

I must admit that I’ve had to fight myself to keep feature creep under control on this game. I let traps and teleportation portals sneak in because they were relatively easy, but I’m still fighting myself on a number of additions, like making poison traps and antidote potions, trap disarming, invisible monsters, ranged weapons, and so on.

I am about to get my mac mini (it’ll be here tomorrow), so likely hamquest will have to take a back seat to learning iphone/ipod development, unless of course I decide to port hamquest to the iphone. one never knows.


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