Years ago, I wrote a little game in Pascal for DOS that I called “Holes”.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about it (and a related game called Helium Baloons v. Water Baloons).

Holes is played on a 8×8 board with two players.

Each player has 8 pieces on the board.

The board has 16 holes in it.

During setup, the players take turns placing pieces and holes.

The player first places a piece. He may not place it on a hole, nor on any other piece.

The player then places a hole. He may not place a hole on any square next to his opponent’s pieces (he can place it diagonally adjacent)

Once all of the pieces and holes are placed, game play begins.

Each player performs one action per turn.

An action can be a regular move or a special move.

A regular move is to shift the holes in one column one square up or down, or one row one square to the left or right. If a player makes a normal move, his opponent may not manipulate that row or column on his next turn.

If a hole shifts to a position off of the board, it appears on the other side.

A special move manipulates the all the holes on the board. The special moves are:

Shift all holes up one square(I)

Shift all holes down one square(I)

Shift all holes left one square(II)

Shift all holes right one square(II)

Flip all holes vertically(I)

Flip all holes horizontally(II)

Rotate holes 90 degrees clockwise(III)

Rotate holes 90 degrees counterclockwise(III)

Rotate holes 180 degrees(III)

Unsure about these, as they may be way unbalanced.:

Add a hole, But Sacrifice a Piece(IV)

Remove a hole, But Opponent Adds a Piece(IV)

Move a hole(IV)

Each of the special moves has a category. If a player plays a special move, his opponent may not immediately make a move with that same category. Also, a player may not make two consecutive special moves.

Sound a little gooballish?

It is, but it might also be fun.


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