Old Articles for a New Book

I recently got two copies of a form email from John Hattan regarding two of my older articles still sitting there on GameDev.net:



747 (my old isohex article) is around 10 years old, and 1122 (about a trick i do with sprite graphics) and is slightly less than 10 years old.

Both were pre-book, and the concepts in both were the foundations of my first book.

In fact, I would say that if I had not written those articles, I likely never would have written a book, would have never participated in the formation of Sweet.Oblivion, nor the successor GameDev.net.  So, these articles (especially 747) were written at a pivotal moment in my life.

I actually got paid $50 for 1122 by Gignews. 747 landed me the role of “isometric guy” for quite some time.

And both articles, as I read them now, are pretty much garbage.  747 uses pascal (PASCAL!) and 1122 uses ripped off SpriteLib graphics.

But! The folks at gamedev.net are looking for folks who to revamp their old articles for inclusion in a new book.  These are articles they would like revisions of for inclusion.

Which says something, I think, about the articles themselves.  If you read them now, they are badly out of date, but still have something to say, and still are useful.  10 years is a LOOOOOOONG time in computer land, especially internet land.

So, it looks like it is time to dust off those articles.  Plus, I am told that doing so will earn me a modest sum of money and a copy of the book.

Hey… why not?


One thought on “Old Articles for a New Book

  1. That’s why I picked ’em as well as a few other obsolete articles. The technology is way outta date, but the underlying concepts are still sound. I figured if they could get dusted off and updated with some new technology, they’d make for a very good “gems” style book.

    At least that’s my thinking. Dunno how it’ll resonate with the readers, but we’ll see. Biggest problem I have now is that some of the authors seem to have fallen off the planet since the creation of some of the articles.

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