Running Season

I have a Rat Terrier, which is a fine smaller dog with a good temperament, but is a little hyper.  He’ll be three this summer.  His name is Porkchop.

Over the last three years, he has gone through a number of different chew toys.  We determined early on that any chew toy made of cloth or rope would last approximately 2.3 seconds.

His first year, we found a bone shaped piece of blue rubber at wal-mart that he couldn’t manage to destroy.  Sure, there were teethmarks in it, but it held up surprisingly well for an entire year.  Chances are, it would still be holding up to Porkchop’s abuse, but he lost it.  My guess is that he buried it somewhere.

We had a replacement blue bone, and that one got lost too.  Now we have a black bone, but after last year, he has chewed the ends down a bit.  I would have bought a new blue bone, but last time I was shopping for one, they no longer had them.

In any case, now that the weather is nicer, my dog likes to play fetch, so we enter what I call “Running Season”.  Each day, I throw the bone out into the middle of my yard fifty times or so.  Its sort of a competition… will my arm give out before the dog gets tired of running around?

When we first played this “game”, my arm would tire first.  Now, while my arm isn’t what it was by the end of last year just yet, I keep throwing until the dog quits, which with a high energy rat terrier can take a while.

By the end of summer, my dog will be totally buff, like he was last year.  He had gotten flabby over the winter.  Not as much fetch can be played when the snow is higher than the dog.  However, it did not keep him from playing fetch those few times we did during the winter when the snow with knee high.  He was a determined dog, too… digging trenches in order to find it.

Again, Rat Terrier is highly recommended.  Good with kids, doesn’t shed, easy to train, high energy, and kills vermin(so far a number of mice, moles, a bullfrog and a rabbit).


One thought on “Running Season

  1. I also have a Rat Terrior. Her name is Edie. I bought her when she was 5 weeks old as a Jack Russell but later discovered she is actually a Rat Terrior. The ears gave it away. However, I still love her and wouldn’t be happy without her. She is very high strung and has a very bad time with her anal glands getting full. This leads to her growling at and chasing and biting her tail. Her tail was docked when born but I had to get it docked even shorter to prevent her from chewing it into a bloody mess. She likes nothing more than to constantly play catch. She has caught a ball and brought it back to me ever since she was just about 6 months old. Catches the ball every time! She is now 6 years old and still full of energy! I may even get another Rat Terrior as a companion for her. I just love this dog and the bread!

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