Satisfaction Guaranteed

I was eating a bag of candy, and I happen to read the back.

To paraphrase: if you don’t like the candy, take the unused portion with the packaging plus a reason you are returning it, and mail it to the address below, and we’ll give you a new one or a different candy that we make.

This is a nice idea, I suppose, but I sat and thought about it (my wife was driving, so I had time to be pensive).

The weight of a full bag is 7.5 oz. It cost 99 cents. I figure at most, I will have eaten half of it before deciding that I don’t like it (most likely, I’ll dislike it on first bite, but we’ll use half for the rest of the exercise).

I did a postage calculation. If i sent it in a large envelope, I could get it mailed for $1.31, which is more than I paid for the candy in the first place.

So, for $2.30, I can have one and a half bags of candy, and I won’t like the half bag.


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