Chumby Yahoo! Widget

I’ve run into a few snags regarding my Chumby Yahoo! Widget.

I added preferences to it so that one could specify the UUID that specifies a virtual profile (thus allowing the user of the widget to view any virtual chumby).

I also felt it was a good idea to allow various sizes that matched those specifiable on the chumby site itself.

Apparently the flash object in the Yahoo! Widget Engine is a bit finicky. It throws exceptions periodically that I don’t have the ability to catch, which interferes with the smooth updating of my widget after the preferences are saved.

I also added a context menu item to refresh the widget just in case the preferences don’t work correctly, but this is rather hackish, and that means that, unless I find a way to modify the flash object without having exceptions thrown, I will not be submitting this widget to the YWE gallery, since it obviously isn’t ready for primetime.

Which is a shame, really.  It was almost a really cool widget.

I’ll try a few more things that I’ve thought of, and then I will post a message on the YWE forums (which is rather hit or miss regarding matters like these), but I’m not holding my breath.


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