Missed the Boat, I Think

Apparently, I missed the boat with Click The Yellow Rhombus.  As is shown by the game You Have To Burn The Rope, the game of CTYR should have consisted entirely of a yellow rhombus that, when clicked, shows a really big “YOU WIN!” and then played a song.  It is, of course, too late now to change it, as it would then be hopelessly derivative.


One thought on “Missed the Boat, I Think

  1. I’m the arbiter of what is and is not derivative. It’s definitely more clever than CTYR. I think the motif can be extended, though. Perhaps a similarly-themed space invaders game, only with one giant unarmed invader.

    IMHO, make it a tradeoff. A dilemma. You can get 100 points by pressing the “kill the boss, get 100 points and end the game” button or you can choose to attack the boss, possibly getting 101 points by defeating him manually or -1,000,000 points if the boss defeats you.

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