Yard Work

Today was the first day of the yardwork season.  In particular, I took care of the burn pile in the garage, which consisted mainly of carboard, but there were two wooden pallets that were from last years remodel the basement project.  It turns out I had bought a number of items that came in large cardboard boxes, because it took most of the afternoon to burn these things.  I also burned the christmas wreath, which had done an exceptionally poor job of staying where I put it, and instead fell to the ground, which is where it stayed through most of the rest of the winter (it was buried at several points during some of our numerous snowpolcalyptic days)

I also got rid of the snow blower, which worked for about the first five times I tried to use it.  Most of these times, it shot fire out the side.  The thing was a relic.  It stopped midway through winter, forcing me to shovel with my “heart attack” big metal shovel.  The big metal shovel also broke a short while later.  No shovel could be purchased, as all stored were out.  So, I was down to my trusty blue plastic shovel to shovel the often foot high blown snow.

But I digress.  I put the snow blower (an ancient tecumseh) out on the curb, and a few hours later came Mr. Scrapper to take it away.  I contribute to the after-after-market scrapping community in this way.  I figure we all win this way: I don’t have to haul it anywhere but my curb, and he makes a little money from hauling it away and scrapping it.

So, the garage is a bit cleaner without the huge stack of cardboard, pallets, and snowblower (it was a monster, too).

And the usual soreness of the first time I’ve done “real work” for a while has started to set in.  It’ll be worse tomorrow.

Note:  during the writing of this post, I had a hard time typing the word “pallet”, mainly because I kept spelling the word “palette”, which I use way more commonly.

Another Note: yes, I live in a place where burning stuff like cardboard and scrap wood is accepted.


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