The World’s First Sandbox Script

I have implemented <write>, <read>, <set> and <if> (at least in relation to the text type). <goto> and <label> also are implemented and work, but are not shown in the example.

<write new-line=””>Type in a word.</write>
<read text-name=”first word”/>
<write new-line=””>Type in another word.</write>
<read text-name=”second word”/>
<if text-name=”first word” comparison=”equals” compare-to=”$second word$”>
<write new-line=””>The strings are equal.</write>
<if text-name=”first word” comparison=”less” compare-to=”$second word$”>
<write new-line=””>$first word$ comes before $second word$.</write>
<if text-name=”first word” comparison=”greater” compare-to=”$second word$”>
<write new-line=””>$second word$ comes before $first word$.</write>
<read text-name=”dummy”/>


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