The “THING” class

As stated previously, I am porting a version of Rogue from 1984 originally written in C for DOS into C#.

Many things wind up easy to port.  Most #defines wind up as const or readonly fields.  Everything winds up a static field or method of a single Program class.

However, the THING “class” was the strangest bit to port thus far.

THING represents either a monster or an item.

It is a union.

Each of the two substructs in the union contain pointers to other THING variables.

So, its a linked list *AND* a union.

Now, I’m attempting to do a “faithful” port, which means it is my goal to get as close to the original as possible (within reason), so I’ve got a kind of ugly re-representation of THING in my code.  It works, anyway.

When porting old code like this, I don’t typically question these things too heavily.  I have to rely on the good faith of the developer twenty four years ago.  He had a perfectly good reason for choosing a union.  I just don’t see what it was.


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